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. The Answer Key gizmos contain the most common student and expert level circuits. Our solutions are based on your success at every step and your experience, knowledge and skills. If you don't have a copy of one of our solution guides, you can print them out just as easily. This works because we use the right formulas to calculate your results. The PDF files contain all the details and information needed to complete the solution. Some of the things that could be included in each PDF file are: The equation needed to complete the circuit it has. The formula used to print the solution key. The formulas to create the chart follow. The charts created with the correct answer key equations. This works because the solutions are tested. Students with a high level of knowledge achieve the best results. Our solutions arise from your questions. You will be prompted for more answers. You can then download or print them out immediately. This gives you the option of saving the solutions to your computer or using a copy of your own files. There are no fees for this service. The solution files are stored entirely electronically, which means they are not deleted. Students only need one pdf file to complete the study materials. The Gizmo Student Exploration Circles key PDF files for each level are divided into several sections for a complete walkthrough. There are many problems in the gizmo student exploration circuit answer keys. Most come with a solution, but some don't come with the solutions and you'll need to print them out on a printer if you don't have one. Below are our most common questions about Gizmo student exploration circuits for beginners. If you don't see it listed in our question bank, please send us your question. Each database of Gizmo student exploration circle questions was compiled by a certified teacher. All of our database solutions are written and tested by an expert. Most question banks for Gizmo student circles are written by first-time experts, and many are updated monthly. All of our answer key databases and solutions are also written by certified teachers. All answers are correct and you will get 100% of your money back. All our answers are tested on the first try and if they are not correct you can send us your question and get your money back with no refund. Our experienced teachers write questions and answer them by email or phone. Our professional question writers then review our answers once they've been sent to our mailing list. Your questions will then be published and the correct answers will be posted within 48 hours

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Hey guys and gals, Mr. Saw, I want to go through some circuit calculations with you. So when you open the activity you may have already tried this but wanted to double check with you to make sure it's all on the same page One point two point four circus calculations number one a bit confusing these are three separate sub problems within Number one and you'll be using Ohm's Law if you remember Ohm's Law is V over I times R The key is to pay attention to the units. When we look at this first one, they ask us to find current in amperes, which means they give us a resistance of 470 ohms and a voltage of 35 volts, so let's set up the equation to solve I just put your thumb on I, and you will see that I equals V over R. Okay our V is 3 point 5 volts and our R is 470 ohms if you put that in your calculator three point five divided by four seventy you get a very very small number point zero seven four six and so on and so on amps , so there are two ways you could write this answer, if you wanted to write it in amperes you could say zero point zero seven four amperes, or if you wanted to write that in a slightly more manageable number you could multiply Williams like this Multiply that by a thousand and that would be 7 point 4 Williams. Any answer would be correct on a quiz as long as you use the appropriate notation. However when doing your calculations you must keep the calculations in the amp unit are set up for amps not williams going on number two or i'm sorry part b of number one if you notice they messed us up this time under power give the power but we have this little icon okay and that is stands for microamp okay and if you forget your scientific notation micro is ten to the minus six sorry my screen with all that haywire , but microamp is ten to the minus six, so on that number you really need to move the decimal point to six digits, so it's going to be the equivalent o f same point zero zero zero zero to five a very small number but usually most currents are small , so I'm putting that in the calculations because we're solving for resistance, right. I say resistance equals V divided by hi. I say our voltage which is three point five volts divided by point zero zero zero zero one five and our resistance then if you put that into your calculator is two hundred twenty five thousand eight hundred six ohms, you could put that in kilo ohms typing if you wanted a number like that was more manageable, that would be twenty-two point five, or I'm sorry, twenty-two point six kiloohms. I want you to go ahead and try number one or yes number one, try the third problem yourself. Check it out now that we've gone through those first two let me know if you have any questions as you move on to number two as a few things to note on the two different tracks here number two. They just ask you to find the total resistance They don't ask you to use...

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