Coconut Hair Oil Manufacturers in India (2023)

Coconut Hair Oil Manufacturers in India–Coconut oil is very popular and widely used as hair oil around the world. Many people living in the coastal areas of the world, more specifically in the areas where coconuts grow in abundance, know that the sweet-smelling coconut oil is their only hair oil. According to the USDA, coconut oil is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the human body. There are many Indian companies that manufacture coconut hair oil. Here below we will discuss the best coconut hair oil manufacturer in India.

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However, the use of coconut oil is not limited to hair; It is used to make cosmetic soaps and creams, and in Asian countries it is also used to prepare various types of food and salads. Market Research Future (MRFR) forecasts that the global coconut oil market is expected to reach US$8,403.3 million by 2025. It previously stood at US$4,909 million in 2017. It may grow at 6.37% CAGR from 2018 to 2025 (forecast period).

Respectable players in the coconut oil market include Phidco, Inc. (Philippines), Primex Group of Companies (Philippines), Prima Industries Limited (India), Tantuco Enterprises Inc. (Philippines), PT. Golden Oil (Indonesia), Samar Coco Products (Philippines), PT. Harvard Cocopro (Indonesia), Greenville Agro Corporation (Philippines), KPK Oils & Proteins India Pvt. ltd (India), SC Global Coco Products, Inc. (Philippines), Coconut Industry Investment Fund Oil Mills Group (Philippines) and KERAFED (India).

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List of the best coconut hair oil manufacturers in India

Are you looking for a leading coconut hair oil manufacturer in India to invest in? Or can you find a BestCoconut hair oil company that produces the best quality coconut oil? Here are your answers for all searches. Below is the latest list of the leading coconut hair oil manufacturers in India. You can invest by closing your eyes on these companies as these manufacturing companies not only provide you with the best quality coconut oil but also offer their customers the opportunity for Pharma Franchise or PCD Pharma at very reasonable prices.

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1. A. Arunachalam & Company:

A. Arunachalam & Company was founded in 1997. The company is managed by A. Arunchalam Chettiar who has a diverse experience of 6 decades in both the dairy and edible oil industries which has helped the company to reach great heights. Your company specializes in the production of ghee and gingelly oil. Ghee has been their main product focus for over 18 years. They are also involved in the marketing of coconut oil. Your business is equipped with a fully functional infrastructure unit and advanced tools.

They ensure the correct selection of materials, cleaning and testing of raw materials and products. Quality has always been the hallmark of their organization. All their products are AGMARK certified. The products are tested for various parameters and only food-safe materials are used for the packaging of the products. The AAC coconut oil they produce is used as hair and massage oil. The oil is obtained by crushing sun-dried copra. In doing so, we ensure that the rich aroma, flavor and flavor of the coconut is preserved.

  • Coconut oil has a long shelf life and is devoid of moisture content.
  • The packaging of coconut oil can be made according to customer requirements. They also offer standard packaging such as pouches, plastic jars, and metal tins.
  • Clear color and texture
  • Double filtered oil
  • Free from toxic contaminants
  • 100 % rein
  • Rich flavor, aroma and taste
  • Derived from sun-dried copra
  • Multi-purpose oil – cooking, hair and massage oil

Contact them - A. Arunachalam & Company, 18/1 - Sowdambiga Nagar, Kangayam, Tamil Nadu, India - 638701

2. Oriental Botany:

Oriental Botanics is passionate about personal care. The company is your number one choice if you want to pamper your body. They fill each bottle with the finest ingredients, wrapped with a smile and a special wish for your happiness. The company believes they are only as good as their ingredients, which is why over the past few years they have sourced and harvested the most powerful ingredients on earth in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Oriental Botanics Organic Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil for Hair & Skin is the perfect answer for anyone struggling to maintain flawless skin and healthy hair. Using the product ensures good looking skin and beautiful hair. In addition, it binds moisture in the skin and acts as an anti-aging agent. And all without harmful chemicals like silicone, parabens and mineral oil. The use of the oil is therefore absolutely harmless and free of side effects. The coconut oil they produce has the following properties:

  • Contains all the goodness of various cold-pressed oils in one bottle.
  • Free from harmful chemicals like mineral oil, paraben, SLS and silicone.
  • Rich in antioxidants and has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Is a great source of vitamins B-6 and E and is an excellent anti-aging skin ingredient.
  • Is the ultimate product that helps stop hair and skin damage and promotes repair.
  • The product is 100% natural, making it safe and effective.

Contact them - Lot 296, Industrial Zone, Phase-2, Panchkula (Haryana) - 134113 India

3.Cocoguru Coconut Industries Pvt. GmbH.:

Cocoguru Coconut Industries Pvt. ltd are producers of pure coconut oil from Puttur on the coast of Karnataka in South India. Coconut oil is hygienically produced using modernized machinery with minimal processing. Milling Copra is roasted before oil extraction to obtain oil with pleasant taste, aroma and long shelf life. Coconut oil is packaged in convenient consumer packs for use as cooking oil and hair oil. Cocoguru coconut oil is packaged in sachets, bottles, cans and cans. Cocoguru is available throughout Dakshina Kannada and its neighboring districts.

Pure coconut oil supply may sound simple, but most of the brands available in the market are fake. Misleading to be price competitive, most brands give in to the pressure to deliver at low prices to stay relevant. Then the purity will be affected. Food safety is not strictly controlled in India and adulteration is not curbed. So supplying pure coconut oil is extremely difficult, they do it and it's a BIG thing. Cocoguru coconut oil has a shelf life of over 12 months when packaged in HDPE containers. The following factors contribute to a long service life

  • High-quality ground copra with FFA < 0.5% is used as the raw material.
  • Copra is dried before crushing to remove any moisture. The presence of moisture causes rancidity in the oil
  • When copra is roasted any remaining moisture is removed, heating sterilizes the copra
  • Coconut oil is packed airtight with high quality packaging material to preserve the quality of the oil

Contact Her – Door No. – 5/122-B, Kallarpe, Aryapu Village, Puttur Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka State, India PIN – 574210

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4. Panniankara Oil Mills:

Panniankara Oil Mills has embarked on the path of accelerated growth since its inception in 1950 under the capable leadership of the late Mr. T.K. Balan, who is now managed by Mr. T.B. Krishnadas, Managing Partner. Due to the priority of offering pure quality coconut oils and oils, various rigorous quality checks are carried out from the various initial stages of using the raw materials in the processing unit to the final stage of shipping the final products to the market.

They are one of the leading producers of coconut oil originating in India. The company offers a wide variety of coconut oils at Panniankara Oil Mills. They make different types of natural coconut oils, all of which are completely free of any toxic ingredients. They preserve the aroma and freshness of coconut oil by crushing sun-dried copra, which is of the finest quality and harvested from the finest coconut gardens. The dried copra is roasted and microfiltered for a longer shelf life.

Also, the sun-dried copra is dried completely to avoid moisture content in it. Sorted copra is used to ensure the quality of the oil is always the same. Coconut oil is packaged with the utmost care and in the most hygienic manner. The coconut oil they produce has the following properties:

  • Completely free of toxic ingredients
  • impurities free
  • 100 % rein
  • Free-flowing and transparent in color
  • Original and beautiful fragrance

Contact them – Door #9, 622A, Cherooty Road, KOZHIKODE, 673001, KOZHIKODE, Kerala, India

5. Maximum care:

Maxcare was founded in 1983. Their production facilities are located in Tumkur, Karnataka and have an installed capacity of 15 tons of coconut flakes and 500 liters of virgin coconut oil per day. Their products are 100% natural and hygienically made from selected coconuts and strict measures to ensure their customers receive only the best quality.

The company's manufacturing process, from raw material sourcing to processing and packaging, adheres to industry best practices to provide pure, natural, and high quality products. Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) extract from fresh coconut milk and is 100% natural. It is unrefined, unbleached and cold pressed. The white flesh of mature coconuts is cold pressed into coconut milk, which then undergoes separation to extract the oil.

Unlike other coconut oil that is extracted through heat, Maxcare VCO is packed with nutrients and has a fresh aroma and taste. It is the healthiest and most versatile of all vegetable oils and is ideal for cooking, nutrition, skin and hair care and baby care. Maxcare VCO is a natural repair kit for unhappy hair. An excellent natural conditioner for your hair, effective for all hair types. Not only does it leave your hair shiny and shiny, but it also promotes the health of your scalp.

Contact Them – (LAL & MALL GROUP) Sadana Road, K R Extension. TUMKUR – 572 101.

6.VVD & Sons Pvt. GmbH:

VVD & Sons Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading coconut hair oil manufacturers in India. When it comes to hair care, there is no substitute for coconut oil. VVD Gold Pure Coconut Oil brings you the goodness of nature in its purest form. Made from sun-dried, ripened copras grown in the finest coconut groves, it's thick, pure, unadulterated, and all-natural. It provides all the essential care for your hair.

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The natural goodness and nourishing properties of hibiscus, neem, amla, tulsi and several other herbs are blended with the purest coconut oil to bring you the best in coconut oil based hair care. Get thick, healthy and nourished hair with VVD Herbal Coconut Oil. This oil has been carefully developed and benefits the user in the most organic way without any chemicals. This amazing coconut oil not only helps in restoring and rejuvenating hair follicles, but also promotes a healthy scalp, prevents infections and fungi, and supports hair growth. The benefits of their VVD Herbal Coconut Oil are:

  • Helps improve scalp health.
  • Supports hair growth and gives volume and shine.
  • Helps restore and rejuvenate hair follicles.
  • Makes the hair combable and easy to style.
  • Makes the skin supple and gives a glow.
  • Locks in moisture and repairs the skin.
  • Helps improve overall skin complexion and hair health.

Contact them – VVD & Sons Pvt. Ltd White House, IV Floor, #6/18, Casa Major Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008
Tamil Nadu, India.

7.Morphemic Cures:

Morpheme Remedies is one of the leading coconut hair oil manufacturers in India. You firmly believe in comprehensive health awareness, i. H. That's why we also offer you alternative methods of health care products, including exercise equipment, herbal and fruit teas, health guides, and music that heals. They have much more to offer their customers. The company also has a full line of herbal beauty products.

Morpheme Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is an exceptional cosmetic product that wows customers with its countless benefits. This product is a universal home remedy for most minor ailments affecting the skin, hair and body. It regulates and revitalizes the skin and hair and acts as an excellent massage agent for the body.
Morpheme Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil differs from regular coconut oil due to the process of oil extraction from the coconut. The coconut oil they produce has the following properties:

  • Morpheme Coconut Oil is unrefined, virgin and cold-pressed.
  • Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fresh coconut milk without the aid of chemicals or bleach. It offers more health benefits than regular coconut oil.
  • Morphemes Virgin Coconut Oil has stronger antioxidant properties than regular coconut oil. It helps stabilize free radicals and fight hair loss.
  • It is a superlative moisturizer and conditioner that improves the appearance and health of skin and hair.
  • The antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties of coconut oil make it an ideal massage product for infants.
  • Virgin coconut oil is an excellent hair growth stimulator. It nourishes and revitalizes the skin and hair.
  • Coconut oil is suitable for all hair types.
  • It is free from mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, silicone and other harmful artificial substances.

Contact you -Lot 296, Industrial Zone, Phase 2, Panchkula (Haryana) – 134113 India

8. Cavin Kare:

CavinKare is one of the leading coconut hair oil manufacturers in India. Meera is one of CavinKare's flagship brands, delivering strong and healthy hair in its 27th year. Meera boasts a portfolio of products such as shampoo, herbal powder, coconut oil, herbal oil, conditioner and shampoo paste that emphasize healthy hair health. The brand derives its strengths from a deep understanding of traditional Indian practices and delivers them to the consumer in user-friendly, modern formats.

The “MEERA” brand inspires an immense respect from both consumers and retailers that few other brands can claim and is one of the household brands of South India. MEERA COCONUT OIL is natural products are more useful and relevant even in today's modern times. With this in mind, CavinKare launched Meera Pure Coconut Oil in January 2008 with the intention of offering consumers pure coconut oil. The finest ingredients and the latest technology are combined to achieve goodness and purity.

Contact Them - CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., Cavinville, No. 12, Cenotaph Road, Chennai – 600 018, India


We hope this article about coconut hair oil manufacturer in India will be of some help in finding what you want. For more information about Coconut Hair Oil Manufacturer in India, please visit our official website and fill out the contact form or call us directly.

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