Cubs' top 20 prospects for 2022: Keith Law ranks Chicago's farm system (2023)

TheBabieshad just one top-100 prospect, but the system is actually in its best shape since the core of the 2016 team was running in the minors, with a bunch of bats with high upside in the lower levels since the recent spate of trades and the most recent rough class.

To qualify for these rankings, players must still be eligible for the 2022 Rookie of the Year Award, meaning they cannot have more than 130 at-bats, 50 innings, or 45 days on an active roster for this year season.

1. Burn Davis, OV (Top 100 ranking: No. 28)

Age:22 | 6-4 | 210 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 62 in 2018


Davis is an exceptional athlete who starred in baseball and basketball in high school, and this year some of that amateur showing showed up in games, as he hit 19 total homers across three levels, ending up in Triple A as a 21-year-old. Davis has gotten a lot stronger since the pandemic wiped out his 2020 season, and now drives the ball to all fields, with a balanced swing that generates that power from his upper and lower half. He's still running well, though he's lost some velocity as he's filled out, and there's a better chance he'll end up in right field than he did a year ago, though he could probably be an average centerfielder for a team without an elite glove out there. The power/OBR ability is what really sells Davis, who looks like he'll be a very different player than anyone saw him as a skinny 18-year-old with 30-homer upside and a chance to remain a middle infielder.

2. Owen Caissie, OF

Age:19 | 6-4 | 190 pounds
Bats:Left |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 45 in 2020

Caissie came over in the Yu Darvish trade last winter, and never played a game for the team that drafted him (San Diego), then destroyed extended spring training and the Arizona Complex League. Even with concerns about his glove — he runs and throws well enough to play right field, but has been bad out there so far — his bat looks like he'll play at either position, with potential for 50 strikeouts and 60 or even 70 strength. He hits errors far and shows good strike zone awareness, even with some swing and miss, which is more offensive than failing to recognize pitches or balls and strikes.

3. Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF

Age:20 | 6-0 | 184 pounds
Bats:Left |Throws:Left
Compiled:No. 19 in 2020

Acquired on deadline forJavier Baez, Crowe-Armstrong played just six games in 2021 before injuring his non-throwing shoulder and undergoing season-ending surgery. It was theMetsFirst-round pick in 2020, a potential hitter with hitter feel, good eye at the plate and plus defense in center, with nothing but power among key tools. Missed time hurts, but he was already an advanced player for his age, so maybe it will matter less in his case.

(Video) Meet Chicago Cubs Top Prospect Brennen Davis!

4. Jordan Wicks, LHP

Age:22 | 6-3 | 220 pounds
Bats:Left |Throws:Left
Compiled:No. 21 in 2021

Wicks, who made his Cubs debut in 2021, is a lefty changeup who has more power than the typical college lefty, and the Cubs have already worked to help him tighten up his curveball. His fastball could end up being his least valuable pitch in time, being up to 95, but he can play true, but between his feel for handling the baseball and some physical deception, there are middle-of-the-rotation starting ingredients. He may never be much better than league average, but he could contend for a long time, even as his fastball starts to wane.

5. Cristian Hernandez, SS

Age:18 | 6-2 | 175 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly

The Cubs signed Hernandez for $3 million last offseason, and he made his DSL debut last summer, hitting .285/.398/.424 as a 17-year-old. He's shown some tendency to try to pull the ball for power there, but his normal swing uses the middle of the infield well, and he'll get more than enough power without resorting to a dead-pull approach. He'll be on the longer side for shortstop, but not so much that he has to move out of position with an arm and a leg to be able to stay there. We'll see how the bat performs against the best competition in the ACL this year, but he offers more upside than anyone in the system.

6. Kevin Alcantara, OF

Age:19 | 6-6 | 188 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly

Acquired in the Anthony Rizzo trade last summer, Alcantara is a tool-type pitching guy who has already shown tremendous growth since his 16-year-old debut in 2019. He put on significant muscle during 2020, and the added strength has helped improve of his bat control, so his swing became much more consistent and powerful, even with more room to continue filling out his 6-6 frame. There's a potential for plus hitting, plus power, in a center package here, depending on how his body develops. Early signs are very positive overall.

7. James Triandos, SS/2B

Age:19 | 6-1 | 195 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 56 in 2021


(Video) Baseball America 2022 Farm System Rankings (MLB Prospects 2022)

The Cubs' second-round pick in 2021, Triandos reclassified from the 2022 draft class to graduate early and had a strong spring where he just hit — reports have him hitting once all season, though that's unconfirmed - without being a big power potential. In pro ball, though, he showed harder contact than expected, with plenty of bat speed to get to it without needing much projection. He's stocky now, much more likely to move to second in the future, but if you buy this hit tool, he should be a strong regular at worst.

8. Reggie Preciado, SS

Age:19 | 6-4 | 185 pounds
Bats:Both |Throws:correctly

Preciado was also part of the Darvish deal, along with Owen Caissie, and like Caissie made his Cub debut. He's long and lean with the potential for above-average power down the road, but has less of a chance with his hit tool than the Caissie/Alcantara/Triantos team. He's also more likely to move to third base as he fills in, perhaps a 60/40 or 70/30 chance, with the tradeoff that more power would probably equal more power.

9.Caleb Kilian, RHP

Age:25 | 6-4 | 180 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 236 in 2019

I couldn't have seen Kilian any worse since I was in his AFL appearance where he didn't retire a batter and gave up seven runs - he didn't have his usual stuff and hitters. He's usually up to 98 with a 55/60 changeup and a new curveball that has a chance to add another above-average weapon while doing so with plus control and a great feel for moving the ball up the zone, with just 13 walks in 100 regular season innings. He's probably a solid starter at No. 4, but the way he's acquired more things, from better velocity to the new ball, gives a little reason to believe he could be more.

10.Miguel Amaya, G

Age:23 | 6-2 | 230 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly

Amaya is set to miss most of the 2022 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery and could end up with just 106 PA between 2020-2022 if he is out for the entire year. He has upside power, but he hasn't hit that well since 2018, and his best attribute behind the plate has been his arm, so his prospect status is very much up in the air.

11. Yohendrick Pinago, OF

Age:20 | 5-11 | 170 pounds
Bats:Left |Throws:Left



Pinango's year was better than it seemed at first glance. Myrtle Beach is a bad place to hit, especially for power, and Pinango has been much better on the road, hitting .290/.350/.421 in road games. He is able to put the bat on the ball so easily that he can swing at suboptimal pitches. He needs to learn to take more advantage of the crowd to hit pitches that he can drive into the gaps, with solid average power coming in the future. It's out for a corner so he has to tap. Just don't count the 2021 season as anything but a positive sign for a 19-year-old who had only played in the major leagues.

12. Kevin Made, SS

Age:19 | 5-10 | 160 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly

Made went to Low-A Myrtle Beach at age 18 and did just about everything he pitched, with just six walks in 243 PA. He has excellent hand-eye coordination and still managed to put the ball in play quite a bit while playing capable defense at short and third (after splitting time with 2019 first-round pick Ed Howard). He'll mostly be a closer, but he can reach average power despite his 5-10 frames.

13. DJ Herz, LHP

Age:21 | 6-2 | 175 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:Left
Compiled:No. 252 in 2019

Herz, who should be part of a hip-hop duo with MC Hizz, is a funky lefty with changeup upside and a decent slider, and if he can even get to solid average control, he can be a fourth baseman. The lack of a plus breaking ball is less of a problem for him because lefties simply don't see the ball out of his hand.

14.Brailyn Marquez, LHP

Age:23 | 6-4 | 185 pounds
Bats:Left |Throws:Left

Marquez was a top 100 prospect a year ago, thenhe missed the entire seasonwith shoulder pain, not even flying in back fields in Arizona. He had gone 101-102 with a plus slider, but we have to see how his stuff comes back and what kind of workload he can handle.

15. Kohl Franklin, RHP

Age:22 | 6-4 | 195 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 188 in 2018


Franklin missed the entire 2021 season with a strained strain, which is new to me, but before that he was probably the Cubs' most intriguing prospect, a three-pitch guy with good output and potential for average or better control. We just have to see him play.


16. Ed Howard, SS

Age:20 | 6-2 | 185 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 16 in 2020

Howard showed he's a potentially elite defender at short, but his pro debut at Low-A Myrtle Beach yielded just a .225/.277/.315 line as he was outmatched by pitching all season . He is oneIllinois high school kidwith no professional experience before 2021 and who hadn't faced a very high standard of pitching as an amateur, so he may need more time and reps to catch up to other players his age.

17. Ryan Jensen, RHP

Age:24 | 6-0 | 190 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 27 in 2019

The Cubs' 2019 first-round pick now appears destined for the bullpen — every scout I asked had him as a future reliever. He can hold plus-plus velocity late in games and now has a solid average or better curveball, but he needs a third pitch for lefties and minor leaguers have been able to match his heat.

18. Christian Franklin, OF

Age:22 | 5-11 | 195 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 123 in 2021

Franklin is a plus center fielder, maybe a 70 out there with plus power, but he struck out 78 times in the SEC last spring because he struggled with ball recognition and some mechanical issues that caused him to swing uphill. He has electric bat speed and at least has some ball/strike recognition. add in his athleticism and the Cubs have at least a lot to work with here as they try to get him to stay flat and get his weight to his front end sooner. I think he's a boom-or-bust guy - either he becomes an above-average regular in center, hitting 20-25 homers with great defense, or he sticks around in Double or Triple A.

19. Pablo Aliendo, C

Age:21 | 6-0 | 170 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly

Aliendo is a soft-spoken catcher with an upside who showed enough bat-handling skills that the Cubs pushed him to pitcher-friendly Myrtle Beach last year, even though he hadn't pitched above the DSL before the pandemic hit. It's a long way off, but has daily upside if the hit/power tools move to average.

20.Nelson Velasquez, OF

Age:23 | 6-0 | 190 pounds
Bats:Right |Throws:correctly
Compiled:No. 165 in 2017

Velazquez was one of the breakout stars of the Arizona Fall League after some mechanical tweaks helped him keep his swing on the plane longer, but he's still a power over hitter and will likely whiff too much to be regular at a corner, with power and enough defense in right field to be a solid bench piece.

Other notables

Anderson Espinozacame as a comeback for Jake Marisnick, and returned to the 90s with a plus change after his second Tommy John surgery, with a decent curveball. The Cubs may try to start him, but it will be some time as they rebuild his arm after missing four calendar years, pitching 58 innings in his return in 2021…Alex Canary, who came with Killian toChris BryantTrade, he's a tool hitter with power and speed, but he does everything and High-A pitchers are already starting to take advantage of last year's impatience and lack of recognition… What I said about Canario is twofold.Chris Morrell, who is on the hunt for a position and was similar in the same way at Double-A…Alfonso Rivascould make the Cubs this year as a platoon player or lefty off the bench, with 55 power and strong OBP skills against righties, but is limited to first base or left field…Chris Clarkhe had a hip impingement and a scrotal injury which seems to have affected his delivery as he returned with reduced stuff and command. was miscast as a reliever at USC before the Cubs signed him in 2019 and I'd like to see how he does after a rested offseason… Right-handedAlex Vizcainocame along with Alcantara in the Rizzo trade. he was up to 99 with a plus-plus changeup, but missed most of 2021 with arm soreness and was ineffective when he gave...Drew Graywas the Cubs' third-round pick in 2021 out of IMG Academy, where he was a two-way player. He threw just four innings after signing, but was 93-94 with an average changeup and plus curveball when he pitched. It's very likely he'll see a big uptick in things now that he's not trying to be a position player at the same time… Right-handedBen Leepersigned during the pandemic as an undrafted free agent. He went straight to Double A for his pro debut, then moved up to Triple A after just 10 plate appearances and the year he struck out 39% of the batters he faced. He's up to 98 with an above-average plus slider, and at least so far hasn't shown much platoon splitting. He's already had two Tommy John surgeries at 24 and is only a reliever, but this thing is legit, and how can you not find him?

2022 implications

I think it's all small pieces for this year - Rivas should see big league time, Leeper make his debut, maybe Jensen make it to the bullpen or we could see Marquez do the same if he's healthy and the team limits his holdings. Of the guys in their top 10, Killian is the most likely to see the bigs at some point this year.

(Video) Brewers Prospects with The Athletic's Keith Law 2023 Preseason Rankings

The fallen

The Cubs gave Venezuelan catcher Ronnier Quintero $2.9 million in 2019, but he looked awful on both sides of the ball last year, to the point where one scout told me he didn't think Quintero would make it out of A-ball. To be fair, Quintero will be 19 this year and had no professional experience before 2021. However, early returns are not good.

Sleeping car

I define sleepers as people who weren't in the top 100 this year, but could end up in the top 100 next year, and probably in the middle rather than the bottom of the list. That's Alcantara for me, but he's in a group of five to six guys who could do that in this system.

(Photo by Brennen Davis: Steph Chambers/Getty Images)


Cubs' top 20 prospects for 2022: Keith Law ranks Chicago's farm system? ›

12 Before 2023 MLB Season. MLB Pipeline ranked all 30 farm systems ahead of the 2023 MLB season and the Cubs checked in at No. 12 in the preseason poll.

What rank is the Chicago Cubs farm system? ›

12 Before 2023 MLB Season. MLB Pipeline ranked all 30 farm systems ahead of the 2023 MLB season and the Cubs checked in at No. 12 in the preseason poll.

Who are the Cubs best AAA prospects? ›

Their two best prospects, outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong and Kevin Alcantara, came via the Javier Báez and Anthony Rizzo trades at the 2021 deadline when Chicago fully committed to rebuilding.

Who are the Cubs top prospects for 2023? ›

Where the Cubs' Top 30 prospects are starting season
  • Pete Crow-Armstrong (MLB No. ...
  • Kevin Alcantara (MLB No. ...
  • Brennen Davis (MLB No. ...
  • Cade Horton, RHP -- Myrtle Beach (Single-A)
  • Hayden Wesneski, RHP -- Chicago (MLB)
  • Jordan Wicks, LHP -- Tennessee (Double-A)
  • Matt Mervis, 1B -- Iowa (Triple-A)
Apr 5, 2023

Who is the number one prospect for the Chicago Cubs? ›

Chicago Cubs top prospects 2023: Pete Crow-Armstrong, acquired in 2021 trade with Mets, leads list -

Are there more white sox fans or Cubs fans? ›

Technically speaking, the Cubs fanbase is bigger than the White Sox due to the location of Wrigley Field and also the Cubs franchise being owned by the parent company of the Chicago Tribune.

What is the largest contract in Cubs history? ›

Largest contracts in Cubs history by total value
  • Jason Heyward: $184 million (eight years)
  • Dansby Swanson: $177 million (seven years)
  • Jon Lester: $155 million (six years)
Dec 17, 2022

Who is the number 1 draft prospect for 2023? ›

Harley Reid

Perhaps the most hyped draft prospect ever, Harley Reid is the standout player in this year's pool, already sparking talk around the league of a potential trade for the top selection.

Who will play first base for the Cubs in 2023? ›

Eric John Hosmer is currently splitting time at first base and designated hitter for the 2023 Chicago Cubs. He's not expected to stay as phenom Matt Mervis and his powerful bat are pushing him from Des Moines and partner Trey Mancini, who is doing better after a slow start, has a second year on his deal.

Who is the #1 MLB draft prospect 2023? ›

Dylan Crews

Who is the Cubs biggest rival? ›


Who was the best Chicago Cubs player of all time? ›

Ernie Banks (1953-1971)

Banks is the all-time Cubs leader in games played (2,528), at-bats (9,421), plate appearances (10,396), total bases (4,706), extra-base hits (1,009), sacrifice flies (96) and intentional walks (202). He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977, and the Cubs retired his No. 14 in 1982.

Who is the best Cubs pitcher ever? ›

Career Top 10 Leaders
1.Fergie Jenkins2038
2.Carlos Zambrano1542
3.Kerry Wood1470
4.Charlie Root1432
5.Rick Reuschel1367
5 more rows

Who is the number 1 prospect in baseball? ›

At this point in time it's no surprise that Elly De La Cruz has ascended to the top spot. No one has questioned the tools since he came out of nowhere in the spring and summer of 2021 and he's just gotten better and better ever since.

What baseball team has the nicest fans? ›

The 5 Best and Worst MLB Fan Bases

Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mariners, and the Chicago White Sox were voted the best amongst other MLB fan bases. Cubs for loyalty, the Cardinals and White Sox for a great ballpark atmosphere, and the Braves and Mariners for their friendliness.

Which Chicago sports team has the most fans? ›

Major league teams
Chicago BearsNFL61,142
Chicago CubsMLB41,649
Chicago White SoxMLB40,625
Chicago BlackhawksNHL21,653
4 more rows

Who has the most popular Chicago Cubs jersey? ›

Cubs shortstop Javy Baez is the only Chicago baseball player in the jersey sales top 20.

What was the Cubs biggest shut out? ›

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs played one of the most remarkable games of all time on September 16, 1975 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The game wound up 22-0 Pittsburgh.

Who brought a goat to Wrigley Field? ›

In 1973, Billy Goat's nephew and new Billy Goat Tavern owner, Sam Sianis, with the help of Tribune columnist, Dave Condon, brought the goat to Wrigley in an attempt to lift the curse. The goat was escorted to Wrigley in a white limousine, and given a red carpet entrance to the park with a sign saying, “All is forgiven.

What is the Cubs biggest blowout? ›

On June 11, 1911 at West Side Grounds, the Cubs defeated Boston — then briefly known as the “Rustlers” — 20-2.

Who is the fastest player in the NFL draft 2023? ›

Michigan cornerback DJ Turner was the fastest player at the 2023 Scouting Combine, running a 40-yard dash in 4.26 seconds. Turner tied for the fifth-fastest time in the history of the Combine: No. 1: John Ross, WR, 2017 (4.22 seconds)

Who has the number 2 draft pick 2023? ›

2023 NFL Draft, day 2 order
263Marvin Mims Jr.
364Zacch Pickens
365Tyler Steen
64 more rows
Apr 28, 2023

Will Stetson Bennett go to the NFL? ›

Los Angeles selected quarterback Stetson Bennett in the fourth round with the 128th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft on Saturday.

Are the Cubs going to be good in 2023? ›

The Cubs have made their plan for success in 2023 clear and it all hinges on two words: Run prevention. Or put another way: Pitching and defense. The Cubs' moves this winter have all fallen in line with that agenda, as the team has greatly improved its run prevention unit since the 2022 regular season ended.

Who is the Cubs 3rd Baseman Hall of Fame? ›

In 1999, he was selected to the Cubs All-Century Team. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2012. Seattle, Washington, U.S.
MLB awards.
Award / HonorTime(s)Date(s)
National League Player of the Month Award3June 1963, July 1964, June 1969
Lou Gehrig Memorial Award11973
2 more rows

Who is Rule 5 eligible for Cubs 2023? ›

Some of the noteworthy Cubs minor leaguers who were eligible for selection in the 2022 Rule 5 Draft and who will be eligible again in 2023 include RHSPs Riley Thompson, Luis Devers, Kohl Franklin, and Richard Gallardo, C Pablo Aliendo, INFs Chase Strumpf and Jake Slaughter, and OFs Darius Hill, Yohendrick Pinango and ...

Is the 2023 MLB draft deep? ›

We are a mere three months from the 2023 MLB Draft, a class pined by pundits as both top-heavy and deep in nature. At this stage, it seems to possess a four-headed monster at the top. Dylan Crews, Wyatt Langford, Paul Skenes and Chase Dollander catch massive headlines for their *now* stuff and future projection.

How good is Dylan Crews? ›

He led the Southeastern Conference with 163 total bases, set a school freshman record with 18 homers and earned National Freshman of the Year recognition in 2021.

How old are draft prospects in MLB? ›

Players attending four-year colleges are eligible to be drafted upon completing their junior year or turning 21 years old.

Who is the Cubs arch rival? ›

Without a doubt, the biggest rivals of the Chicago Cubs are the St. Louis Cardinals. These two teams have been National League rivals for many years, with Illinois fans divided over support for St. Louis and Chicago.

What is the biggest rivalry in the MLB? ›

The Yankees–Red Sox rivalry is undoubtedly one of the biggest and oldest in baseball, and arguably one of the most heated in American sports overall. A rivalry that dates back to 1901, with more than 2,300 games played between the two clubs, the history of hatred between these two clubs runs deep.

What is the Cubs White Sox rivalry called? ›

The Cubs–White Sox rivalry (also known as the Crosstown Classic, The Windy City Showdown, Chicago Showdown, North-South Showdown, City Series, Crosstown Series, Crosstown Cup, or Crosstown Showdown) refers to the Major League Baseball (MLB) geographical rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

Who is the oldest player on the Chicago Cubs? ›

David Ross (baseball)

What was the most runs ever scored by the Cubs in a single game? ›

On August 25, 1922, the Cubs, who had once led 25-6, held on to win 26-23 for the all-time record score of 49 runs.

Have the Cubs ever had a perfect game? ›

Somehow, no Cubs player has ever thrown a perfect game, and there has never been a perfect game at Wrigley Field. Both of those streaks were almost broken on Friday afternoon, but a perfect game bid by Cubs starter Drew Smyly was lost on just about the silliest play possible.

Who leads the Cubs in batting average? ›

Batting Statistics
Ian Happ.284176
Cody Bellinger.271144
Dansby Swanson.260192
Trey Mancini.252139
15 more rows

Who has the most home runs against the Cubs all time? ›

Nobody hit more home runs against the Cubs than Willie Mays, who circled the bases 92 times against the North Siders.

Who was the last Cubs player to win MVP? ›

On November 19, 1998, Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa moonwalked his way to the National League MVP award.

What are the levels of the MLB farm system? ›

The current minor league classification system divides leagues into one of five classes, those being Triple-A (AAA), Double-A (AA), Class A (Single-A or A), Class A Short Season, and Rookie.

What is the Brewers farm system ranked? ›

According to Baseball America's rankings, the Brewers have the 13th ranked farm system prior to the start of the 2023 season. Prior to the start of the 2022 season, Baseball America had the Brewers farm system ranked 25th overall. They were 28th in 2021, last in 2020, and 26th in 2019.

Are White Sox or Cubs better? ›

Cubs–White Sox rivalry
Meetings total138
Most winsWhite Sox, 77–67 (.535)
Regular season seriesWhite Sox, 73–65 (.529)
Largest victory13–1, White Sox (August 29, 2021); 10–0, Cubs (September 25, 2020)
9 more rows

Are White Sox better than Cubs? ›

In the last five seasons, the White Sox have won 418 games in comparison to the Cubs' 406 victories. Although there has been some division titles from both sides since that point, both of these teams have not been able to reach the second round of the postseason.

Which Major League team has the best farm system? ›

Ranking all 30 farm systems. Many have come at the king. So far, they've still all missed. The Orioles retain the top spot in the MLB Pipeline Farm System Rankings for the fourth consecutive time between preseason and midseason lists.

How much do you get paid in the baseball farm system? ›

Minimum salaries will increase from $4,800 to $19,800 a season for rookie ball; $11,000 to $27,300 at High Class A; $13,800 to $27,300 at Class AA; and $17,500 to $45,800 at Class AAA, according to The Associated Press. Players often receive initial signing bonuses to supplement their income.

How much do farm team baseball players make? ›

For rookies, the salary will rise from $4,800 to $19,800. At Low Class A, salaries will grow from $11,000 to $26,200 while High Class A will grow from $13,800 to $27,300. Triple-A players will go from $17,500 to $35,800.

Who is the Brewers biggest rival? ›

The Brewers–Cubs rivalry is a Major League Baseball (MLB) rivalry between the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs. Both clubs are members of MLB's National League (NL) Central Division.

What is the Yankees AAA farm team? ›

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (AAA)

Who is the best Brewers player? ›

Shortstop Willy Adames, starter Corbin Burnes voted Brewers' most valuable player and pitcher in '22. It was a repeat performance for the top two players on the Milwaukee Brewers in 2022. Adames, a shortstop, hit . 238 with 31 home runs and 98 runs batted in while compiling an OPS of .

Which is better Wrigley or Fenway? ›

There's no doubt that both Fenway and Wrigley are national treasures, and are among America's most beloved parks – probably the top two on that list. Wrigley, though, edges out Fenway, especially when you consider architecture, surroundings and concessions.

Which is better Wrigley Field or Fenway Park? ›

Whether in dimensions or capacity, Wrigley is bigger. The playing field at Wrigley is 355 feet down the left field line, 400 to straightaway center, and 353 feet down the right field line. Wrigley has a seating capacity of 41,649.

Who is the White Sox biggest rival? ›

The Twins–White Sox rivalry is contested between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago White Sox. Though both teams are charter members of the American League, the rivalry did not begin in earnest until the 2000s, when the White Sox and Twins consistently battled for the AL Central crown.

Where do White Sox rank? ›

4White Sox12-13
1 more row

Who is the oldest team White Sox or Cubs? ›

It is generally accepted that the Cubs came first, however there are some people who believe that the White Sox were actually the original team.


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