Planetary gearboxes QJR710-160IIHW (2023)

The soft tooth surface reducer is developed based on the medium hard tooth surface reducer for QJ series cranes.

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QY series reducer includes two series of hard tooth surface reducers for cranes, QYS type (three pivot type) and QYD type (base type). It has three types: three-stage, four-stage and three-four-stage combination. The QY reducer is welded with steel plates, the box is annealed to relieve pressure, the gears are made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, and the tooth surfaces are carburized and quenched. Grinding, consistent product quality and reliable performance. 1) High transport capacity. The gears are treated by carburizing, quenching and grinding,

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and the bearing capacity is greatly improved compared with the soft tooth surface and quenched and hardened tooth medium hard surface gear reducers. 2) Small size and light weight. Compared to soft tooth surface and medium hard tooth surface. The same bearing capacity reducer can reduce 2-4 equivalent frame sizes. 3) High efficiency, low noise and small vibration. The gear grinding process has improved the level of precision,

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and the gears are cut. The overall efficiency of each transmission stage is 0.98, and the vibration and noise are greatly reduced. 4) Multiple stage is adopted to reduce the speed ratio of one stage. The center distance can be opened to reduce the height of the reducer to meet the requirements of various crane mechanisms. the maximum rated gear ratio of the reducer reaches 400, which meets the requirements of slow speed cranes.

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5) The three-point reducer can be installed vertically, horizontally or even deflected to a certain angle, which is convenient and flexible. four-stage gear ratio),

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which provides the condition for the generalization of low-speed cranes. According to the surface hardness of the gear reducer, we divide the gear reducer into hard tooth surface reducer and soft tooth surface reducer. There is almost no difference between the two in appearance and structure, mainly in the gear and worm. There are differences in the post-processing of the material forging machines, resulting in indifferent loads, life and application range of the two products. In general, the gears of high-power gear reducers are forged from high-hardness materials such as 45 steel. After the carburizing and quenching process, the hardness can reach 350 HBS or more, and the gear reducers that reach this hardness are called It is a hardened gear reducer. Hardened gear reducer not only has high hardness

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single speed, but also the hardness of output shaft and input shaft is much higher than that of ordinary gear reducer. Due to its high power, the body material of its box is also made of cast iron, which can cope well with it. Shock and vibration forces at high loads. Longer life, suitable for high load instruments. Due to the strengthening of materials and industries, the price of hardened gear reducers is relatively higher. Soft tooth surface series products are ordinary products whose gears have not undergone hardness treatment or whose accuracy does not meet

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the demands of the hard surfaces of the teeth. The soft tooth surface reducer has a very wide range of applications and is widely used in various packaging machines, conveyors and other low consumption equipment. Its simple process and relatively low price also satisfy the demands of customers and it is the most used product in the market. When buying a gear reducer, you must first understand whether the product you choose can meet the requirements. If your soft tooth surface reducer is capable, you don't need to waste money to buy a hard tooth surface reducer. Its functions are the same, it's just that when used under high power and high load, ordinary gear tooth soft surface products are sufficient. ZQ500-8.23-1 Reducer ZQ reducer is mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry and other industries,

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the speed is not more than 10 meters per second. Application of ZQ reducer: ZQ reducer is mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical industry, textile industry, light industry and other industries. The speed of the high-speed spindle is not more than 1500 rpm. 3. The reducer is used for forward and reverse operation. 4. The working environment temperature of the reducer is -40℃ to 40℃ 4. The reducer has nine gear ratios and nine configuration types and three types of low-speed shaft ends. 5. The gear ratio of this type of reducer is: 48.57, 40.17, 31.5, 23.34, 20.49, 15.75, 12.64, 10.35, 8.23. The ZQ reducer has two transmission stages and there are nine assembly types. ) coupling (type F). ZQ reducer difference: ZQ type is a rotary cylindrical gear reducer, ZQ type (H) is a cylindrical gear reducer, which is formed based on the ZQ type helical cylindrical gear reducer series. Time has proven that compared to the gear of the same specification, the arc not only has a long service life, but also has a large capacity, high strength and less wear on the tooth surface. These two reducers are mainly used for lifting machinery and can also be used in general equipment such as mining machinery, chemical industry and light industry. The adjustment conditions are: the speed of the high-speed spindle is not more than 1500r min, and the working environment temperature is -40 to 45 degrees. It is suitable for both forward and reverse operation. The ZQD cylindrical gear reducer is based on the ZQ reducer. It becomes a three-stage reducer,

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which widens the gear ratio. The ZQD type reducer is the addition of a high-speed stage called three-stage transmission under the condition that the installation location and size of the input and output shafts of the ZQ-type reducer are not changed as much as possible, and the added high-speed stage is on top . ZQD1000 250 high ratio gear reducer ZQD type high ratio cylindrical gear reducer has six specifications: ZQD350 100, ZQD400 100, ZQD650 150, ZQD850 250 and ZQD850 250 and ZQD5minr is the distance reduction center no. of the central distances of the medium and low speed stages. See below tables ZQD350 ZQD400 ZQD500 ZQD650 ZQD850 ZQD1000 High speed A1 100 150 150 150 250 250 Medium speed ??A2 150 200 250040035 0 Total center distance 450 500 650 800 1100 1250 reducer ZQD ZQD Gearbox Performance Characteristics: (1) Gears are made of high quality alloy steel through carburizing and quenching, and the hardness of the tooth surface is 54-62HRC. (2) The main parameters such as the center distance and the nominal gear ratio have been optimized and designed, and the main parts and accessories are interchangeable. (3) Generally, oil pool lubrication and natural cooling are used. When the thermal power cannot be satisfied, circulation oil lubrication or fan cooling coil can be used for cooling.

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(4) Μικρό μέγεθος, μικρό βάρος, υψηλή ακρίβεια, μεγάλη φέρουσα ικανότητα, υψηλή απόδοση, μεγάλη διάρκεια ζωής, υψηλή αξιοπιστία, σταθερή μετάδοση, χαμηλό θόρυβο Για εξοπλισμό μετάδοσης, ο συνηθισμένος μειωτήρας του κινητήρα θα έχει επίσης πολλά ζεύγη γραναζιών με το ίδιο αρχή για την επίτευξη του ιδανικού αποτελέσματος επιβράδυνσης. Ο λόγος του αριθμού των δοντιών των μεγάλων και μικρών γραναζιών είναι ο λόγος μετάδοσης. Με τη συνεχή ανάπτυξη της βιομηχανίας μειωτήρων, όλο και περισσότερες επιχειρήσεις έχουν χρησιμοποιήσει τον μειωτήρα. μειωτήρας γραναζιών 1. Ο ομοαξονικός μειωτήρας ελικοειδή γραναζιών σειράς R κατασκευάζεται σε συνδυασμό με τεχνικές απαιτήσεις, με υψηλό τεχνολογικό περιεχόμενο 2. Εξοικονόμηση χώρου, αξιόπιστο και ανθεκτικό, υψηλή χωρητικότητα υπερφόρτωσης, ισχύς έως 132 KW 3. Χαμηλή κατανάλωση ενέργειας και ανώτερη απόδοση, Η απόδοση ο μειωτής είναι τόσο υψηλός όσο 95%. 4. Μικρή δόνηση, χαμηλός θόρυβος, υψηλή εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας. 5. Υλικό από σφυρήλατο χάλυβα υψηλής ποιότητας, άκαμπτο κουτί από χυτοσίδηρο και επεξεργασία θερμότητας υψηλής συχνότητας στην επιφάνεια του εργαλείου. 6. Μετά την κατεργασία ακριβείας, βεβαιωθείτε ότι οι άξονες είναι παράλληλοι Για να ανταποκρίνονται στις απαιτήσεις του ρουλεμάν βαθμού και τοποθέτησης, ο μειωτήρας που σχηματίζει το συγκρότημα μετάδοσης με ελικοειδή γρανάζια είναι εξοπλισμένος με διάφορους τύπους κινητήρων, οι οποίοι συνδυάζονται σε μηχανοτρονικά, γεγονός που εγγυάται πλήρως τα ποιοτικά χαρακτηριστικά του το προϊόν. Πεδίο εφαρμογής του μειωτήρα ZSCA Reducer: 1. Η περιστροφή του άξονα υψηλής ταχύτητας δεν είναι μεγαλύτερη από 1500 rpm. 2. Η περιφερειακή ταχύτητα του κιβωτίου ταχυτήτων δεν είναι μεγαλύτερη από 20 m/s. 3. Η θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντος εργασίας είναι -40-45℃. Εάν είναι χαμηλότερο από 0℃, το λιπαντικό θα πρέπει να προθερμανθεί σε πάνω από 0℃ πριν από την εκκίνηση. 4. Ο μειωτήρας ταχυτήτων μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί για να λειτουργεί τόσο προς τα εμπρός όσο και προς την αντίστροφη κατεύθυνση. Χαρακτηριστικά του μειωτήρα ZSCA 1. Τα γρανάζια είναι κατασκευασμένα από κράμα χάλυβα υψηλής αντοχής και χαμηλής περιεκτικότητας σε άνθρακα μέσω ανθρακοποίησης και σβέσης και η σκληρότητα της επιφάνειας των δοντιών φτάνει το HRC58-62. 2. Υψηλός ρυθμός μετάδοσης: περισσότερο από 96,5% για ένα στάδιο, περισσότερο από 93% για διπλό στάδιο και περισσότερο από 90% για τρία στάδια. 3. Ομαλή λειτουργία και χαμηλός θόρυβος. 4. Μικρό μέγεθος, μικρό βάρος, μακρά χρήση και υψηλή φέρουσα ικανότητα. 5. Εύκολο να αποσυναρμολογηθεί, εύκολο στην εγκατάσταση. Αυτή η σειρά περιλαμβάνει: ZDH10, ZDH15, ZDH20, ZDH25, ZDH30, ZDH35, ZDH40, ZDH45, ZDH50, ZDH60, ZDH70, ZDH80, ZDH60 χυτός χάλυβας, ZDH70, χυτοσίδηρος χυτός χάλυβας ZDH70, αυτή η σειρά χυτού οδοντοστοιχείου ZDH70 hershbone. μειωτήρες, ZD (involute), ZDH (μονό τόξο) και ZDSH (διπλό τόξο), τα οποία είναι εγκατεστημένα ξεχωριστά. Χρησιμοποιούνται κυρίως στη μεταλλουργία, την εξόρυξη, το τσιμέντο, τις κατασκευές, τη χημική, την κλωστοϋφαντουργία, την ελαφριά βιομηχανία και άλλες βιομηχανίες. Οι συνθήκες είναι οι εξής: Η περιφερειακή ταχύτητα της μετάδοσης κίνησης του μειωτήρα δεν είναι μεγαλύτερη από 18m sec. Η ταχύτητα του άξονα υψηλής ταχύτητας του μειωτήρα δεν είναι μεγαλύτερη από 1500 rpm. Η θερμοκρασία περιβάλλοντος του μειωτήρα -40C έως 45C. Ο μειωτήρας χρησιμοποιείται για λειτουργία προς τα εμπρός και προς τα πίσω. Οι δύο μέθοδοι σήμανσης βρίσκονται στο Ο κωδικός του μειωτήρα περιλαμβάνει το μοντέλο του μειωτήρα, τη συνολική απόσταση στο κέντρο, τη σχέση μετάδοσης, τον τύπο συναρμολόγησης και τον βαθμό ακρίβειας ταχύτητας.

Planetary gearboxes QJR710-160IIHW (11)
More information
Model SeriesQJR
Mounting positionII
Gear typeHelical Cylindrical
Low speed sideSolid shaft with parallel key
Gearbox ratio160
Application Casestextile machinery etc.
Download PDFCatalog of cylindrical gearbox

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How do you know if planetary gear is bad? ›

Visual Signs of Planetary Gear Wear

Worn gear teeth that look more pointed that squared. Bent gear teeth. Cracking (this starts at the root of the gear teeth where the stress is the highest) Surface damage, such as pits, scuffing, or areas that look polished compared to their surroundings.

How long is the life expectancy of a planetary gearbox? ›

B10 for Steel Planetary Gear Systems:

Small steel gears have a B10 life of about 5,000 hours. Big steel gears have a B10 life of about 10,000 hours.

What is the most common symptom of failing planetary gear set? ›

A buzzing, clicking, humming, roaring noise from inside the transmission is usually a symptom of a bad bearing, planetary gears damage, or other internal problem. A buzzing could also come from a bad internal sealing surface, a seal, or low transmission fluid due to a leak.

What causes planetary gears to fail? ›

One of the most common failure modes of a planetary gear system is wear and tear, which occurs due to friction, load, and environmental factors. Wear and tear can cause the gears to lose their shape, alignment, and lubrication, resulting in noise, vibration, and reduced efficiency.

Do planetary gears need oil? ›

It is essential to keep your planetary gears properly lubricated otherwise some wear issues may arise in your unit. Generally, heat and friction are your big problems when you're running a gear especially if you're running it at a high RPM (rotation per minute).

What does a worn planetary gear system sound like? ›

When the planetary gear system starts experiencing problems, you first notice a whining noise. Once you reach the grinding stage, the gear system is suffering from major issues. If you suspect that the planetary gear system in your transmission is damaged, you need to schedule a maintenance check right away.

Are planetary gearboxes expensive? ›

Planetary gear motors are also more expensive to produce because they require more parts. This includes the sun gear, an outer gear, several planet gears, and a moveable arm to hold the planet gears.

How do you maintain a planetary gearbox? ›

The Planetary Gears turn the Sun Gear which is mounted on the end of the Apex Axle. Maintenance of this gear box is done by cleaning, and re-lubrication to be sure all parts are moving freely, and smoothly.

Are planetary gearboxes backdrivable? ›

A: Yes, Micron planetary gearheads are fully backdriveable. The backdrive torque is dependant on gearhead size, style, and ratio, and will vary.

What is the disadvantage of planetary gear? ›

The disadvantages of planetary gears are their complex construction and higher power loss compared to spur gears. As the power is transmitted through at least two meshed teeth, the power dissipation is double that of a simple spur gear.

How do you know if you blew a gear? ›

If your vehicle shifts gears without warning at any speed or refuses to go into any gear, the transmission is either about to fail or has already failed. If the gear shift in your car is difficult to get into gears, causes grinding noises, or just won't move at all, the transmission is dying or has died.

How many gears does a planetary gearbox have? ›

A planetary gear set is made up of three types of gears: a sun gear, planet gears, and a ring gear.

What is the main problem in the gearbox? ›

One of the most common gearbox problems is the shaking and grinding of your car during a gear shift. In cases, you may also visibly notice your car shaking along with the buzzing feeling. If you notice this problem by pressing your clutch pedal entirely or taking off your foot, opt for immediate replacement.

What are the two most typical failure modes for gears? ›

In an analysis of more than 1,500 gear failure studies, the three most common failure modes were tooth-bending fatigue, tooth-bending impact, and abrasive tooth wear [4].

What transmissions use planetary gears? ›

Planetary gears are used in applications where space is limited, as they are typically smaller than other types of gearboxes. They also form the basis of the most common type of automatic transmission, known as the hydraulic planetary automatic transmission.

What does a planetary gear do in a transmission? ›

Generally, planetary gears are used as speed reducers. They are used to slow down motors and increase the torque. Torque is the working power of the machine.

How does a car act when the transmission is going out? ›

Typically, when your transmission begins to fail you may start to notice some form of difficulty when changing gears. Occasionally you may hear or feel a clunk noise when you shift gear. Another sign of a rough shifting is difficulty in accelerating to the speed for the gear that it is in.

How do I test my gearbox? ›

Methods for Inspecting a Gearbox
  1. Visual walkaround.
  2. Visual inspection through inspection ports.
  3. Borescope inspection.
  4. Measure temperature. Thermometers. Resistance temperature detector (RTD) probes. Thermography.
  5. Measure oil pressure.
  6. Measure sound and vibration.
  7. Inspect filter elements.

Can you fix a blown gearbox? ›

In a vast number of cases, a blown transmission can be repaired. Gears, clutches, seals, and any other parts are replaceable internally. However, if the transmission case is cracked or gouged inside, a repair usually isn't possible. A complete replacement transmission will be required.

What happens when your gearbox goes out? ›

This causes the engine to lose power, RPMs will often increase, and the engine might smell bad. When the transmission has actually gone out, basically your vehicle will not move. This is because the gears can no longer get power from the engine. As a result, the engine will idle, stall, or surge when shifting gears.

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