Property in need of renovation - Buying a renovation property in 2021 (2023)

Property in need of renovation - Buying a renovation property in 2021 (1)

Properties to renovate in the UK

Table of contents

  • Properties to renovate in the UK
  • How to find a property to renovate in the UK
  • Locate real estate websites and real estate agents
  • Do a Property Exploration Day
  • What to consider before starting a vacant home renovation project
  • Property Access - Do you have unimpeded access to property?
  • Properties to renovate FAQ
  • Electricity and Water - Do you have easy access to utilities?
  • Is the building sustainable?
  • Is property renovation within your reach?
  • Budgeting for your renovation project
  • Planning permission to renovate a derelict, vacant or abandoned property

Finding a property to refurbish in the UK can be a time consuming process, especially as manyrun down properties for salemay not be listed with normal real estate agents. However, there are many unoccupied buildings and in this article we will discuss the ups and downs of finding a property for renovation in the UK market

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In addition, this article teaches you:

  • How to find a property to renovate in the UK
  • Things to consider before any home renovation
  • Types of quotes you can get for your renovation project
  • Budgeting for your renovation project
  • A building permit is required for the redevelopment of derelict land

How to find a property to renovate in the UK

Finding a run down property to convert into a beautiful family home is the dream of millions of viewers of UK property TV shows, but only a small percentage of these people actually take the plunge and buy an abandoned building neglected house or buy some type of property to renovate.

It can be a minefield of legal bureaucracy involving manyIssues such as building permits, legal access to the property and of course the renovation itself and all that a large building project entails.

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Locate real estate websites and real estate agents

It might sound like an obvious step, but many people don't realize that everyday real estate agents and online real estate websites often list empty properties.abandoned land and buildings, run-down lots and other buildings that could be renovated and turned into beautiful homes.

Try to filter your search criteria for real estate exactly according to your wishes. For example, if you are looking for a stone building to renovate, use this term in your property search. You'll be surprised what's available, even online.

Do a Property Exploration Day

A great way to literally stumble across thePerfect empty property to renovateis to literally explore the area that interests you. Driving around, especially in rural areas, it's enough to turn the next corner to spot the perfect building that begs for a makeover. If you spot something, don't be afraid to ask.

Contact the farmer, neighbors or even drop by the local pub for a pint and ask about the building that interests you - you have nothing to lose. You never know, it may have never occurred to the owner to sell that stone barn, that run down property or that windmill.

What to consider before starting a vacant home renovation project

Let's say you've searched online, trawled through various real estate agent websites and offices and finally found a property that you want to renovate. Also, for the purposes of this article, we will assume that the building is vacant or derelict, uninhabitable in its current state and in need of a complete renovation.

Before you start thinkingRenovation of a run-down propertyThere are certain issues that need to be addressed. In fact, these should be carefully considered before purchasing the building. The last thing a would-be owner needs is to find out their project is stalling before it even gets started. Just some of the things to consider before renovating your potential dream home are:

Property Access - Do you have unimpeded access to property?

It's a question often overlooked by many buyers, but as you can imagine, it's crucial. Do you have access to the property you want to renovate and turn into your dream home? Do you have to go through someone else's land to access the property? Do you have a legal right to information? These questions need to be answered before buying a vacant or derelict property that you wish to renovate.

For example, in Victorian times many stone barns and outbuildings were built on the land to serve a purpose which was to house materials used on the farm. In practice, this means that the old stone barn you are interested in could be in the middle of a farmer's field, possibly with no road or path connecting the barn to the outside world. Before you buy, get legal advice on access to the property and your access rights.

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Properties to renovate FAQ

How do I find a property to renovate?

Check local real estate agent websites or websites for real estate agencies in the area you are interested in. If you have an open mind and want a specific building type, check out the national real estate websites and narrow your search to be as specific as possible. Additionally, you can drive around the area that interests you and inquire locally about vacant buildings or derelict lots to renovate.

Is it easy to renovate a vacant property?

In short, it's a big undertaking to renovate an empty or derelict building, but don't let that put you off. It also depends on how much do-it-yourself you intend to do, whether it will be a combination of do-it-yourself and specific tradesmen, or if you intend to entrust the entire refurbishment to a professional construction company. Obtaining quality information and seeking legal and professional advice is vital and can highlight issues related to the home renovation project that many of you were previously unaware of.

How much does it cost to renovate a property?

This depends entirely on the renovation project itself. If you are renovating a one bedroom flat in London or any other urban area and the flat is in relatively good condition to begin with, the costs can be kept to a minimum on a relatively small budget. On the other hand, if your project is to renovate a derelict Victorian stone barn in the country then your costs will clearly be much higher. Make sure you have a reasonable budget and funds before finding a property to renovate.

Electricity and Water - Do you have easy access to utilities?

This is clearly a critical issue. If you have bought a renovation property in the country and the building was originally built 150 years ago, realizing that the nearest water or electricity supply is two miles away could be a big problem. It can get very expensive to hook up the property to services such as electricity and water, so research this carefully before buying a rural property.

Is the building sustainable?

Finding a property to renovate sounds exciting, but take a good look at the building itself. Can it be renovated or does it have to be dismantled? If it is the latter, then we are clearly not talking about a property renovation, but about a new building. If there is aderelict property, such as B. an old stone barn, cottage, former house or something that was never primarily a residence such.

Is property renovation within your reach?

If youFind an empty property to renovate, pause for a moment and question your own motivations. It's no secret that renovating a property can be an expensive, time-consuming affair that's easy to slip away from.

Even though we assume that you have bought the vacant building and approved the construction drawings and required planning permission, actually renovating the property is a tall order. Are you wondering if you are ready to undertake the project management for construction or would it be wiser to hire a professional project management service?

You also need to consider the renovations themselves. You can save thousands by doing much of the work yourself, but many aspects of the job may require professional tradespeople such as electricians, builders, roofers, carpenters, and plumbers. It's a big undertaking, but there are solutions. Many construction companies offer a full service where they price the project, manage the project and take care of every aspect of the home renovation.

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You can just step back and keep things in perspective. Of course, such an all-in solution is more expensive, but the entire property renovation project is less likely to break the budget if the builder has given you a comprehensive quote.

Make a checklist of things to investigate before buying a property to renovate. Be honest with yourself and look at every detail from legal access to the property to utilities, surveys and building bids for the overall property renovation

Budgeting for your renovation project

It is very important that you have a reasonable budget before purchasing any property that you wish to renovate. This should be your budget over and above the purchase price of the property. Some practical tips for setting your renovation budget should include, but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining realistic all-inclusive offers from construction companies
  • Costs for connections to utilities and services
  • Taking out household contents insurance during the renovation of your vacant property
  • Including costs of craftsmen and professionals
  • Attorneys' fees, architects' fees and other professional expenses
  • Materials, furniture and fixtures and other internal costs

Planning permission to renovate a derelict, vacant or abandoned property

It is absolutely critical that you will be able to do thisObtain planning permission from the municipalityto renovate the property you are interested in. Just because the building is vacant, looks good, and looks like a potential project doesn't mean planning permission will be granted.

You will also have to deal with issues such as listed property status and whether the building is protected in some way, as is often the case with Victorian houses, certain types of stone farm buildings and even entirelyDerelict farmhouses for sale. The building permit is the green light for your building project, without it you cannot renovate your property.

Talk to the local authority in the area where you want to buy your property. Note that building permits in England and Wales are different to those in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Below are some useful links to the planning section of each government website:

Building Permit Resources for England and Wales

Planning permission for Northern Ireland

Planning permission in Scotland

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